Session 3

Data and Information

Data Compression -


Data and Information, as the CSP framework suggests, “is part of the foundation of our information society and economy”. How we gather, store, manage and display this data raises serious concerns and issues, as well as enable us to have vast new insights on our physical and social world. As students work on assignments, lessons and activities linked to this Big Idea, they will gain understanding and practice on how different types of data are gathered and represented, encoded and stored, and what kinds of implications, manipulations and trade-offs are associated with this.   Essential Questions:
1. How can computation be employed to help people process data and information to gain insight and knowledge?
2. How can computation be employed to facilitate exploration and discovery when working with data?
3. What considerations and trade-offs arise in the computational manipulation of data?
4. What opportunities do large data sets provide for solving problems and creating knowledge? 


4:30-4:40Welcome and agenda overview

4:35-4:55Midterm check-in
  • What lesson are you using for Part 2?
  • What is the status of your midterm assignment?
  • When will you be able to complete it? or if completed: What did you gain from it?
    • Spend some time finishing your midterm and/or planning Final Lesson. 
Graphic Org.

4:55-5:25Get food and chat:
Topic of discussion: Data and information
Talk to your neighbors about a time or times when you made the conscious choice to relinquish your privacy online in exchange for a needed or desired service, like location tracking or contacts sharing.   
Chinese Food!
5:25-6:00Data and Information Assignment
  • Activity (5 min)
  • Debrief Big Idea 3: Data and Information (5 min)
  • CSP assignment (25 min) 
    • Explore APCSP course offerings and look for lessons that can be used to teach Data & Information Big Idea, as well as identify courses that might be used at your school.

CS10K Data & Information

BJC - Algorithms and Data Digital Information

Mobile CSP Unit on Data (need to register)

Introduction to CSP - Art Lopez

Thriving in our Digital World (coming soon

6:00-6:25App Inventor Demo
Explore App inventor as a platform and vehicle for teaching CSP and building apps. 
(If already familiar, explore the mobile CSP course on EdX)
  • Build your first app in App Inventor following tutorial(s) 

App Inventor site

App Inventor articles and videos

Setting up classroom
Genymotion emulator
6:25-6:30Homework and Next steps
1. Complete Midterm Assignment ( includes lesson plan write-up and short answer quiz)
2. Build your first ( or next) App Inventor App 
a.  Remix a couple of tutorials, if you'd like, or extend an existing project from the gallery
b. Package and send us APK for next session. An APK file is an actual Android packaged app. Here is how to package your completed app. You can also save an .aia file instead. 
3. Complete this mini questionnaire about use of additional funds.