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This month we focus on the Abstraction Big Idea of the Computer Science Principles Framework. Please refer to page 8 of the CSP Curriculum Framework. Abstraction is one of the most central aspects of Computational Thinking. It cuts across the other Big Ideas, and can be addressed at various points in a CSP course. Essentially, abstraction is the process of removing details in a problem or process to reduce it to a more basic and easily understood structure.  
   Essential Questions:
1. How are vastly different kinds of data, physical phenomena, and mathematical concepts represented on a computer?
2. How does abstraction help us in writing programs, creating computational artifacts, and solving problems?
3. How can computational models and simulations help generate new understanding and knowledge?

4:30-4:40Welcome and agenda overview

  • Answer the Essential Questions about your assignment (5 min)
  • Form groups of 3 (2 min)
  • Share what you did couched in Essential Questions (10 min)
  • One or two share with whole class (3 min)
Jim Town
5:00-5:20Get food and chat:
Topic of discussion: Getting students excited about CS.
Tell your neighbor about the first or last time you remember getting excited about CS.  
Greek Food!
  • Monster Activity (15 min)
  • Debrief Big Idea 1: Abstraction (5 min)
  • CSP assignment (10 min)
  • Taste of  AppInventor

Task choices

6:00-6:25Lesson Design
  • Resetting course expectations: Participants will be required to complete 2 midterm homework assignments and one Final Lesson Plan (see example) in order to get stipend.
  • Abstraction Lesson design: get into content groups.
  • Plan a lesson you will teach before the next meeting about Big Idea #2 (Abstraction) 
  • What Computational Thinking Practice will support your lesson?
  • Make plans to discuss lesson offsite (Slack channel? email? Skype)

Resources: CSP Unit 1 
Computational Thinking w/ Scratch
Appinventor Quizly
Jeff Gray on Abstraction
Lesson plan example
Mobile CSP on Abstraction
6:25-6:30Homework and Next steps
1. Teach your Abstraction lesson and bring artifacts
2. Finish Programming Assignment and Share on Studio page, or email us a link to appInventor Gallery, or other link. 
3. Midterm Assignment ( includes lesson plan write-up and short answer quiz)